adj., n., & adv.
—adj. (heavier, heaviest)
1 of great or exceptionally high weight; difficult to lift.
2 a of great density. b Physics having a greater than the usual mass (esp. of isotopes and compounds containing them).
3 abundant, considerable (a heavy crop).
4 severe, intense, extensive, excessive (heavy fighting; a heavy sleep).
5 doing something to excess (a heavy drinker).
6 a striking or falling with force (heavy blows; heavy rain). b (of the sea) having large powerful waves.
7 (of machinery, artillery, etc.) very large of its kind; large in calibre etc.
8 causing a strong impact (a heavy fall).
9 needing much physical effort (heavy work).
10 (foll. by with) laden.
11 carrying heavy weapons (the heavy brigade).
12 (of a person, writing, music, etc.) serious or sombre in tone or attitude; dull, tedious.
13 a (of food) hard to digest. b (of a literary work etc.) hard to read or understand.
14 a (of temperament) dignified, stern. b intellectually slow.
15 (of bread etc.) too dense from not having risen.
16 (of ground) difficult to traverse or work.
17 oppressive; hard to endure (a heavy fate; heavy demands).
18 a coarse, ungraceful (heavy features). b unwieldy.
—n. (pl. -ies)
1 colloq. a large violent person; a thug.
2 a villainous or tragic role or actor in a play etc. (usu. in pl.).
3 colloq. a serious newspaper.
4 anything large or heavy of its kind, e.g. a vehicle.
—adv. heavily (esp. in comb.: heavy-laden).
Phrases and idioms:
heavier-than-air (of an aircraft) weighing more than the air it displaces. heavy chemicals see CHEMICAL. heavy-duty adj. intended to withstand hard use. heavy-footed awkward, ponderous. heavy going slow or difficult progress. heavy-hearted sad, doleful. heavy hydrogen = DEUTERIUM. heavy industry industry producing metal, machinery, etc. heavy metal
1 heavy guns.
2 metal of high density.
3 colloq. (often attrib.) a type of highly-amplified rock music with a strong beat. heavy petting erotic fondling between two people, stopping short of intercourse. heavy sleeper a person who sleeps deeply. heavy water a substance composed entirely or mainly of deuterium oxide. make heavy weather of see WEATHER.
heavily adv. heaviness n. heavyish adj.
Etymology: OE hefig f. Gmc, rel. to HEAVE

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